TAPER  REINTERPRETATION ———————————– I tried to interpret taper in my previous blog as per my understanding of race preparation culminating to the taper . I had tried to address the issue by explaining that tapering is not mere reduction of mileage to give much desired rest to the body to be ready for the race…Continue Reading “comrade”

वह मेरे बहुत करीब है पर मुददतों से नहीं मिला मुझसे कया कहूँ किसी से कुछ जखम हकीमों के बस में नहीं होते ।।

उसे ऐसे ही नहीं कहते नीलकंठ विषधर महामंडलेशवर उसे अपने नुक़सान में भी कायनात के फ़ायदे का जरिया नजर आता है ।।

मैं ख़ुद अपने चिराग बुझा कर आ गया हर रोज हवाओं की हार देखी जाती नहीं ।।

TAPERING -ONE MORE INTERPRETATION ———————————————————– I am not new to the running but new to the taper .In the initial years of my running I was not aware the concept of tapering but when came to know then also not able to have the time for the tapering . The one of the main reason…Continue Reading “comrade”

किसी धुँधली सी शाम में लोगों से नज़रें बचा कभी हमने किसी से सरगोशी की वकत बहुत बीत गया पर वह और वह शाम आज भी बहुत दिल के करीब है ।।

Over training —————- Since I started running , all have one advice for me “Don’t over train ” “Better be under train than over train ” What is over training ? Is it an absolute phenomena for everyone ? I read a number of elite runners training schedules and found that their training goes beyond…Continue Reading “over training”

To control the thoughts is not easy in Running .It is far easier to control pace during a race than  to control thoughts.it is easy to log mileage , but not so easy to chart emotions.one of the biggest challenges  faced by a runner  is uncertainty . The course , the weather ,the competitors,and your…Continue Reading