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The two hours barrier –  physical and psychological barrier – another view point ———————————————————————————————————— The Four minutes a mile and the  two hours marathon  are two epic experiments of running saga .Both the time, there  was an attempt to overpower the physical and psychological barriers defined since ages.Both the barriers has a fascination beyond its…Continue Reading

TAPER  REINTERPRETATION ———————————– I tried to interpret taper in my previous blog as per my understanding of race preparation culminating to the taper . I had tried to address the issue by explaining that tapering is not mere reduction of mileage to give much desired rest to the body to be ready for the race…Continue Reading “comrade”

To control the thoughts is not easy in Running .It is far easier to control pace during a race than  to control is easy to log mileage , but not so easy to chart of the biggest challenges  faced by a runner  is uncertainty . The course , the weather ,the competitors,and your…Continue Reading

The SCMM is a close by event and the city which never sleeps turned a running pilgrimage. Today morning roads were full of runners and moving traffic was far lesser than the number of runners struggling to complete their Sunday long run. Probably , it is the  last sunday for long run and from next…Continue Reading “SCMM 2016”

Why people build world around running ? why it became everything to them ? Because it is the ultimate energy lifting , moral boosting activity ? It allows them raised their spirit ? It allows them to quiet their mind and go inward and gain insight into themselves and the world ? It help them…Continue Reading “introspection”

A runner who effortlessly surpasses another runner taking the moment in his favour not showing concern to the existence of surroundings , how is he different ? What he possesses which differentiate him ?Depth of awareness of the surroundings , devoting a long hours on roads in trg , had done a lot speed trg…Continue Reading “attitude”

Why interval training ? Why not continuous effort only ?why there is a break needed to enhance the stamina and performance ? It is a very interesting question generally emerges in mind . The life can’t sustain only on an all out effort . There is a need of gap in between to accumulate the…Continue Reading “interval trg.”

इबादत का सुकून तुम कया जानों एक बार सर झुकाकर उसको अपने अंदर तो देखो ।।।