Comrade 2018 – unprecedented rush —————————————– In last a few days I read a few stories of the runners who were not able to finish the comrade 2017 . I also came to know that one runner has tried continuous 11 years to have his first finishing medal of comrade race . One person has…Continue Reading

Comrade up run 2017 and its pacer —————————— In comrade race from 8:30 hours onward bus is available up to 12 hours to help the runners to reach at the finish line in the stipulated time . I have the experience of three sub 10 bus and two sub 10:30 bus . I ran…Continue Reading “comrade”

ABHIMANYU at the Comrade up run 2017 finish line —————————— As soon as poly hill finished the experienced comrade runners running with me told that you are at home and all hills gone . But in comrade hills never finishes . I saw another hill on which runners were walking . To run at last…Continue Reading “comrade running”

 FAITH  OF A RUNNER  ————————————– I always believe that growth is a continuous process and it always happens with the passage of time . It is not possible to notice the growth in oneself each and everyday although the process  in oneself is going on . But after a certain period of time it start…Continue Reading “running”