TAPERING -ONE MORE INTERPRETATION ———————————————————– I am not new to the running but new to the taper .In the initial years of my running I was not aware the concept of tapering but when came to know then also not able to have the time for the tapering . The one of the main reason…Continue Reading “comrade”

Over training —————- Since I started running , all have one advice for me “Don’t over train ” “Better be under train than over train ” What is over training ? Is it an absolute phenomena for everyone ? I read a number of elite runners training schedules and found that their training goes beyond…Continue Reading “over training”

A race which is tough not because u train hard but because u think a lot for the race . You think less about finish line and think more about the journey leading towards finish line . You chat with people about training , you read source materials about workouts and always try to visit…Continue Reading

Life and running are very close to each other . Like Marathon running Life is also a kind of race where you take one step at a time , being flexible enough to adapt to the unknown and the unexpected .

THE TRAINING ANXIETY —————————- One of the very strong runner , who is leading a comrade 2017 group ,messaged me on Monday morning that he did 3 hours 10 mins fly over repetitions covering about 26 kms . He ran 65 plus kilometers on Sunday in around 8 hours on a very tough hilly route…Continue Reading