Comrade 2018 – unprecedented rush
In last a few days I read a few stories of the runners who were not able to finish the comrade 2017 . I also came to know that one runner has tried continuous 11 years to have his first finishing medal of comrade race . One person has the DNF ( Did not finish ) in 2015,2016 and 2017 . But he is attempting again in 2018 . I was scrolling through the comrade aspirant list after knowing that 20,000 runners have already registered for the comrade 2018 in the span of 21 days .

I was delightful to see that some of the DNF candidates of 2017 have registered again for 2018 . One or two runners known to me have registered for 2018 despite that they were under the category of DNF in last two previous years .

Truly , it is a race of champions , who have the courage to challenge the hills and the distance together at the same time again and again and telling on loud tone and voice

” I am coming again .
No turning back for me because I failed in the past”

The lines of Kafi azami came in my mind

“You are the lightening , continue to strike

Love has not yet admitted defeat

Continue to test it , as much as you like ”

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