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ABHIMANYU at the Comrade up run 2017 finish line

As soon as poly hill finished the experienced comrade runners running with me told that you are at home and all hills gone . But in comrade hills never finishes . I saw another hill on which runners were walking . To run at last a few kms in comrade is a very tough task . But after poly u start reading the sign of kms to go in a single digit . It gives a huge sense of relief . 9 to go , 8 to go .… and then 2 to go start appearing in front of me and I was in the peace and more composed although the body was in extreme tired state .

I entered in the stadium . I was running toward finish line , ity gave me india flag .I was running with the flag furling in the air .I touched the finish line and medal was around my neck . I was strong . No need of any support . No need of any medical help . I walked towards international runner tent .

I wanted to see the finish time (12 hours ) euphoria at the finish line . 11:55 onwards I started missing my breath .11:56, 11:57 ,11:58 ,11:59 .
I saw a few runners rushing towards the finish line . The crowd was extremely excited and shouting run fast fast . You have made it . The runners were trying also but then 12 hours was over and the gate closed .

Runners in a substantial number were unable to make it . More and more runners were coming but the door was closed .Around 10/15 runners lay down on the floor of the stadium .

It is the lot of the brave runners who crossed all cut off points .

They are the runners who has crossed about 79 kms mark and just about 8 to go in 50 minutes time .

They all are like the great epic warrior Abhimanyu who crossed all gates of chakravyuh but caught at the last gate .

It was a very disappointing feeling to see that scenario . Runners invested a lot of time to train themselves travel so far but destiny was written otherwise and missed it by the whisker .

But for me they are brave runners tried till the end . The comrade running is an experience which is not easy to describe in words . For that experience one needs to run the comrade .

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