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Comrade up run 2017 and its pacer

In comrade race from 8:30 hours onward bus is available up to 12 hours to help the runners to reach at the finish line in the stipulated time . I have the experience of three sub 10 bus and two sub 10:30 bus . I ran with these three bus . The interesting part is that up to 50 kms mark one sub 10:30 bus is far ahead of another 10:30 bus and sub 10 bus is behind both the sub 10:30 bus . It appears to meĀ that the leaders of sub 10:30 bus were competing with each other . I saw the average pace around 50 kms mark and average pace was 8.8 kms per hours . For sub 10:30 bus it was very fast . It was not the pace for 10:30 hours bus and at that point of time sub 10 bus was behind the both the sub 10:30 bus .I also heard that sub 8:30 bus leader left the bus around 25 kms mark and then runners themselves formed the bus and ran .
I read the profile of all the bus leaders before the race and found that they all are seasoned runners but don’t know why this pacing they did . I have no idea about the bus after 50 kms mark but as I believe that the pacing of the bus driver was not suitable for the runners joined them .

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