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Comrade up run 2017
The comrade up run is only a few  days  away from us and most of the overseas runners are busy in packing and travelling preparations. The taper training is  sinking in all .In fact it  is not only taper time but also anxiety time for most of us , especially the novice comrade aspirant .
The first anxiety is injury . Whenever I get up in morning I move around in home and check my legs . Although I had not done much speed workout during the comrade built up programme  only to control the anticipated injury coming via speed work out and I also believe that for the person who wants to just to finish the comrade distance not much speed workout is required . But not to do speed workout is not possible for runners . The reason for the same is that all have the opinion that without speed workout  training is incomplete . But whenever I do tempo run / fartlek, after finishing the run I usually roam around on  Nariman Point pavements to check that my legs are fine and I am as good as was  was prior to speed run .
It gives a great sense of relief that all fine .
It is nothing but injury anxiety.
I revisit often my training log . Read training of runners posted on comrade  runners Facebook site , chat with co runners . Ask  them their training . share my training with them .Chat with experienced comrade runners and always inquire their last year training log .comparing with my training .
It is nothing but training anxiety .
All runners are concerned with their timing  irrespective of goal . It may be 11:55 comrade runner or sub 9 runner all have the timing in mind . Sub 11:55 also has the desire to finish a bit early . Try for 11:40 and sub 9 runner also want not just sub 9 but sub 8:50 will be better . I am no exception .
But how to fix the target is a big issue . One of the criteria that multiply your marathon timing to 2.5 and you will get your comrade timing is incorrect . The reason for the same is two fold
One , 42 k run and 87/89 k ultra run are two different ball game . The whole new set of training and mind set required.Not  only a different physical training but a new  mental preparation is  essential . It is more than twice the distance ,so it is not easy to measure it either from the perspective of marathon training or  marathon timing
Second , if that extrapolation is trying to be attempted then it should be on the marathon timing having the similar route of comrade . How a flat route or semi gently elevated   route timing may be extrapolated for a route comprising a number of hills,including five monstrous hills,  in 87/89 kms of distance ?
The timing anxiety can’t be addressed before 4 th June 2017 unless one has ran earlier comrade  up run and experienced it .
The anxiety is part of the running . It has to come . It will meet you often . Probably taper time was not designed for one single reason but a lot issues are involved in it . More you think and analyse more you find it .
Enjoy the anxiety while addressing it . It is also a life time experience .

10 days to go for 20,000 passionate runners

 running from DURBAN  to PIETERMARITZ 

87/89 kms of COMRADE UP RUN 2017

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