comrade up run 15 days to go

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A different untold story – comrade up run 2017
Any pain anywhere in the  legs starts  bothering me .
In the morning when I  get up and  put my legs down on the floor

and found them painless ,

I feel a great sense of relief .
Not ran two days , reason whatsoever it may be , ran after two days .

Legs are moving smoothly , an amazing feeling .

Gone to the football ground played football with the kids ,

ran with them found happiness .

Not much time left for the race . A lot has been invested in training . Whatsoever was  possible within the limited capacity and time available .

Have done all .

But do not know what is in store for me  on the 4 th June 2017 .

Such a long distance not yet run

Route is new

Challenge is new

Expected Excitement to be at start line is different

15 days to go comrade up run 2017 .

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