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Ultimate human race – THE COMRADE UP RUN 2017

When I registered for comrade ” a ultimate human race ” then a lot people asked me that why you are going to run this 87/89 kms. of race that too offshore and on challenging up elevation.

The another question was who is sponsoring you ?

Is govt is sending you to run ?

I met a few days back to  my father he too asked asked me

are you going for prize ?
You will get some medal ?
who is going to bear the expenditure of the race ?

It is very difficult to explain that why I am running the  comrade race  . What is the purpose to run ?
Why I invested a lot time to prepare myself to run .

When I asked this question to myself then I too thought for a moment .What was the reason to register for this challenging race .
In search of happiness ?
In search of challenges ?

Why only me .

Why about 20,000 people have registered to run the race ?

The life which they have may not be able to give enough happiness and challenges or both to their  soul ?The blessed privilege of almighty  , the occupational profile , the surroundings and the daily routine may need something more to fire their blood to be happy or more happy.

The comrade training is very grueling . It changes your whole life style . You don’t need alarm clock to get up in morning , you don’t need any device to measure your speed and distance . It trains your mind in a way that without any technological support you started knowing these units .
The concept of mileage and distance takes another league . It all happens not because you registered for comrade but because you are training tough for that .You started respecting to the hills . You started respecting the runners who train themselves on hilly route . The comrade finishers started having  a different stature in your own eyes .You will not be the same runner as You was before comrade training . May be not the same human being as You was before this training .But all this happened because You was having certain passion in yourself and that passion was captured by running only .

Only the passion is a driving force for ultimate human race or something else ?
If there is something else then what that may be ?

I read a few  stories of various mountaineers ,Who used to summit at the Everest peak . Reinhold  Messner and Peter Habeler decided to summit at the peak without the supplemental oxygen canisters  . To attempt a summit without supplemental oxygen  was considered to be scientifically impossible and majority  declared that they are marching towards their grave  .But they did it . The poetic lines of Messner always rebound in my mind when he wrote about the moment of reaching Everest”s summit.

In my state of spiritual abstraction,I no longer belong to myself and to my eyesight.I am nothing more than a single narrow gasping lung , floating over the mists and summits.”

The process to summit at the peak was not ended with Messner but started .After him a lot attempted and succeeded.
What was and is the the reason to experiment in which there is an imminent danger of life .The adverse weather , thin oxygen layer , the possibility of snow storm but they decided to go without oxygen .Are they derive  happiness in accepting these challenges ?

Probably yes.

The happiness is a relative term . One may be happy in a situation but another may not be in the same situation .

The lion cub , the tiger cub and foals of horse and deer of same age don’t derive happiness in the same game . They play differently and they all
happy . But if their game interchanged then both may be unhappy despite that they are playing .Same way these great mountaineers were not happy in going up to the peak with oxygen support . They are  deriving happiness by accepting more and more challenges in the life , even at the cost of unexpected unprecedented waiting on the way .

Therefore , it is only the search of happiness that is deriving  so many ,across the globe ,to witness and experience in long enough and far enough challenging route of ultimate human race .The 20,000 runners are in the search of happiness and they may express like Reinhold  Messner on 4th june 2017 , if not in a poetic way then at least by their facial expression of utter joy at the finish line.

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