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The two hours barrier race has attracted the interest of  world over  ,whether one runs or not .The analysts are busy in analyzing that what is inside human brain that persuading him to create a milestone and then create further and then again and again . The process is unending . The human desire to break its own created milestone has been witnessed by all since the origin of universe .
About 100 years ago the timing of the marathon race was about 2:45 hours. At the constant interval of about every  3 years  the timing keep improving . Now it reached to near rounding off time of 2 hours . The improvement in about 100 years is phenomenal . 100 years ago the elite runners used to run 70 miles per week now they are running more than 150 miles per week .Today  the 70 miles per week is the workout of a lot recreational runners  . The 100 years back timing of elite runner is nowadays under the reach of a few motivated recreational runners .

The achievement looks more thrilling when we see it not only in terms of two legs but with the four legs creature also . The comparison with living entities having more brutal power  i.e. mighty ANIMALS  gives a lot more  insight in the whole journey from  2:45 to attempt of sub 2 .

The animals ,who has the same running instinct as we have ,hardly registered any significant improvement in last thousands of the years . The lions , the tigers , the horses , the deer all are running as they were running 100/200 or 1000 years ago . I don’t  think there is any  any analysed data on the subject and if there is any ,then I am not aware , but prob outcome is that they not improved significantly .
I am aware of horse racing done under measured time . The famous horse racing “Derby  Race  ” in  which the speed of horse ,which is deciding the fate of so many adventurous gamblers  , has not changed significantly . Whatsoever the timing of derby race was  100  years ago no improvement has been witnessed by the record books in each and every  passing years .
It was  2:35 minutes in 1910 and around 2:33 minutes minutes today . Barring a few exception the derby race always won at around 2:32 to 2:35 minutes timing .It means there is no improvement at all in the last 100 years in derby race where most potent running animal is trying to run faster in each and every racing events .The symbol and representative of running, whose power is a standard measurement concept in physics ,is far behind in terms of improvement comparing with much less physical power having by another race .

The one of the very strong argument for the improvement is

the discovery  of the interval training ,

different methods and modes of speed training ,

use of high powered nutrition and involvement of technology

to increase the speed and endurance  .

But more than that there is a desire to improve . There is a vision to do differently . It was only the will power , passion and imagination which is making the difference.  what thought to be impossible a few years ago is possible after a few years .
Till the universe will exist we will see every day creation of a milestone and next day an attempt to crush that milestone for the sake of another lofty milestone .The imagination of human race is changing whole game and all others are just supporting and supplementing .

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