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The two hours barrier –  physical and psychological barrier – another view point

The Four minutes a mile and the  two hours marathon  are two epic experiments of running saga .Both the time, there  was an attempt to overpower the physical and psychological barriers defined since ages.Both the barriers has a fascination beyond its mathematical roundness and an assumed impossibility attached with it.The historical result in both the events  can’t be achieved by sheer determination and hard work but there need to be some extreme application of mind to execute it. Both the probable impossibility was tried and tested in an epic way to thrill the human race at large.

The four minutes a mile was done without the support of any technology and there was no organisational support at all  . it was an individual attempt by three passionate runners ,in a stadium in front of public at large,who wanted to defy the limitations established since ages.The one battle won in August 1952 and another respectfully failed in May 2017.  The planning and  execution, of battle succeeded and respectfully failed , was poles apart .

Two hours barrier was done on a car racing ground . It was not done on a track or running route . A lot technology was used . Even pacers were there to support the runners. The pacers  were running in front of kipchoge to dilute the impact of wind if any affecting adversely .By seeing the race it was appearing that a black wall is running in front of kipchoge . As appearing from the race that the pacers were deciding the pace and kipchoge has to follow it .

The nutrition and hydration was customised and supply was as per demand and without wastage of any time . The shoes , the compressors  all were used as per individual requirements .

After seeing all the meticulous arrangements, and efforts put in by the best possible team comprising of all sports scientists ,one question came into my mind that why sub 2 barrier was not broken ?It was just 24 seconds .why history was not created on that day ?A lot research has been done to complete the race in sub 2 hours timing but how they not taken care of 24 seconds ? In the 42 kms of race , when a lot experts were working since several months ,  how 24 seconds were  missed ?Kipchoge has the ability to sprint at the end . In Rio Olympic he has sprinted about 800/ 1000 meters when there was no competitor . Why he has not sprinted when the time of a few seconds were running out of his hand . One argument may be given that he was tired and it is appearing from his face but kipchoge is not a normal runner . He ran in this circumstances a number of times .He is arguably the best ever born long  distance runner.Then how it was missed ?

One view point may be a marketing strategy to create the hype by missing it by 24 seconds . If it is so , then the Nike deserves all the accolades  for this . They succeeded tremendously in their effort to attract running enthusiast world over   . If it is for the sale of their products then also they made a everlasting impact in the market .

Whatsoever the Nike wanted to achieve by this experiment they got it except breaking the two hours barrier .

But one thing may be conclude without much debate that the sub 2 hours barrier not going to be broken on Boston , Newyork or even easier course of London and Berlin in a very  near future .only kipchoge  was close to that barrier and other two runners left the adventurous pursuit much earlier in the race .The epic runner will not have the luxury as he got yesterday in any normal running event at any track or route.

Whatsoever analysis and interpretation may be of this epic race but no one can doubt the ability of kipchoge to challenge the defined human limitations and extraordinary vision of Nike team to conceptualize the two hours barrier race .

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