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Long back a mythical saga of human performance was performed when three runners possessing a passion of running , having surfeit of energy with a preternatural ability to push himself lined up for a 4 minute a mile .it was the time when running a mile in four minutes was believed to be beyond the limits of human passion . In the year 1952 , three world class runners set out individually to break the barrier . Roger Bannister , a young English medical student , John Landy , a privileged son , Wes Santee , a farm boy of three different continents were keen to defy the established norms of the human limitations .
Tens of millions around the world had stopped what they were doing to listen to the race or to watch it on their televisions . The collective silence  , among listeners and watchers world over , was profound .The three runners ran amazingly well . Bannister and Landy has created the history by running one mile in 3:58:8 and 3:59:6 .Roger Bannister ran the perfect mile .


The same saga with more passion and energy surfaced again after 65 years . The another great experiment was undertaken to break 2 hours marathon barrier by three runners . The whole world was glued to the the live streaming  to know the result .

The three great runners Eliud kipchoge , Zersenay tadse and Leisa Dessisa lined up with the pacers to create the history .But this time it is not the individual effort but the collective effort of well established organisation and the prayers of millions of millions to break the human limitations .

The whole journey of several months of training culminating to the race is amazing one .Their  body and muscles were analysed . The customized shoes were put in their feet . The use of compressors was as per their body requirement .The selection of pacers to pace the race was done  very carefully . A lot new style of training was there .One may say that it is not an actual running on road because formula one track is a different track  but their efforts and passion not concerned with the route or course of the day .

The way kipchoge  was running is a treat to watch . He started with projected time of 1:59:53 and closed it with time of 2:00:24 . What a steady pace he was having . In last about 800 meters or so kipchoge  was a bit struggling and one may see it from his face . But his effort was matchless in the last lap of the race  too .

There is no doubt that three runners ran amazingly well .Kipchogi looks  like a god while running . But I will give a lot credit who has conceptualized the idea of ” breaking 2 two hours barrier “.The strong runners ran on the idea of a team . The team has worked hard to get it  executed . It was a brilliant execution of a beautifully crafted series of events culminating in to the race .

But they respectfully failed.

One may not create history only by winning . One may Create history by loosing also . Nike and three runners ,especially kipchoge , has created history by failing today . The kipchoge has told in post race interview  that

” I believe only in good preparation and training “.

He has challenged the clock by this one line and one line of kipchoge is expressing very loudly to the finish line clock
I am coming again to humble you .

Very soon we all witness the BREAKING TWO HOURS barrier .

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