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I tried to interpret taper in my previous blog as per my understanding of race preparation culminating to the taper . I had tried to address the issue by explaining that tapering is not mere reduction of mileage to give much desired rest to the body to be ready for the race day . It has a lot more significance than just to have the rest . It is the time of mental training for the race . You have trained well but this only not giving you a  guarantee to race well. . If only training produces result then   how and why a bunch of runners running together in a season with almost same quality and quantity of running not able to produce same result ? Why a few among them are ahead in race day despite that their training was almost similar ?

One may try to see so many reasons in that and probably  may be a variety of reasons for this but the role of taper time can’t be discounted in all those probable explanations .

Taper time is the time to control mind and body in a systematic channelise way for the goal assigned for yourself by you .On race like comrade you have two job at a time in whole 87/89 kms of the distance having a number of ups and down in the  route .

Control the pace


control the thought .

If one is unable to control them then result may be disastrous . If pace is uncontrolled then at any time hills of comrade route may dictate you to sit down at the by lanes and wait for medical bus for the finish line . If your thoughts not controlled properly and you may enter in the arena of negative thoughts then the result may be more dangerous than uncontrolled pace .

Between two , it is easier to control the pace than to control the thoughts . You may have practiced a lot to control the pace during your long runs but have you found time to analyse your thoughts in last three to four months of the build ups schedule ? You may easily chart your mileage but charting of emotions not easy at all . I always believe that the physical training is structured one . By and large , all source materials talk only One way of training . The only variation is the mileage , the speed and the sessions . Therefore building physical strength has the structured formula , if one is ready to work hard .

But building confidence – no easy and straight forward formula yet discovered .one of the formula of building confidence is not to panic when discomfort is start attacking on your nerves . This discomfort comes on hill/speed runs  and long runs . It will not come on easy days . If long runs are having the hilly route  then this discomfort may attack you often . By tackling these discomfort situations ,you are becoming used to for the panic situations .The another challenge for any long distance runner is uncertainty .In 89 kms of the course one don’t know what to expect from the course . How your body may react ? How you are going to cope with the time / goal assigned by you for the race .
The other sports has the luxury to make strategy by the inbuilt” time out schedule”  . But here no time out . You have to change strategy , if required , while having most violent body on the road . The most violent body need to have a calm mind to switch over from plan “A” to plan ” B”  .That’s  why running is called a meditation in the extreme violent and explosive process .

As I wrote in my previous blog , the only thing may be able to guide you for the race day is introspection of your training log . You may visit on those hilly routes again on car . Look at the toughness of the hills . Recall your speed and comfort when you ran a number of times on these roads and most of the times you conquered those hills . You may recall a few explosive sprints on that road , you may recall a number of instances when you not walked but only ran on those roads . You are driving since long but the route on which you ran a number of times not yet finished.This all may give a lot confidence to you .

The taper time is to visit again and again your trg log and visit those routes on which you sweat a lot when you was training hard .

Therefore , taper time is not only for the rest to the body and mind but it is the time to built the confidence for the race .It is the time for strengthening self belief in yourself.

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