interval trg.

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Why interval training ? Why not continuous effort only ?why there is a break needed to enhance the stamina and performance ? It is a very interesting question generally emerges in mind . The life can’t sustain only on an all out effort . There is a need of gap in between to accumulate the energy and next attempt may be more stronger towards goal . The Indian freedom struggle led by Mahatama Gandhi is an excellent example of interval training Which is coined as struggle to struggle . Struggle compromise and then again struggle . From 1915 to 1947 he has applied this concept of STS . The same way runners used to inculcate the interval training in their running schedule to infuse more energy . The basic theory behind the whole concept is that the human machine has the limitation but how to overcome that limitation is the art discovered by human being in various realm of life . The nomenclature may be different but the concept is same . Struggle rest and struggle . Neither the struggle is more important nor the rest . Both has the equal status for surpassing the limits of human machine and indeed the human machine has no limitation .

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