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A runner who effortlessly surpasses another runner taking the moment in his favour not showing concern to the existence of surroundings , how is he different ? What he possesses which differentiate him ?Depth of awareness of the surroundings , devoting a long hours on roads in trg , had done a lot speed trg ,incredible fitness , a very strong mind ? May be he is having all but that is not enough . The talent and hard work are not only deciding factors .The basic factor which makes a difference is attitude .what is an attitude ? How it is gained by one not by other although both are talented and dedicated ?The attitude can’t come in a day or in a few months . You may train ur body by hard long mileage and intense speed training in a given span of time frame but have an attitude of winner need a longer time frame with an experience of certain failure and overcoming it .The experience of failure and a continuous effort of defeating the feeling of failure gives an attitude of a winner .The more you raise your bar more you are bound to fail . The succession of raising the bar witnessing the failure and then surpassing it , gives an attitude which is unbeatable .

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